it’s true. and it’s not much of a normative principle (“we should not let leftists govern”) – which would be quite sensible because it would weld and strengthen the left as opposition, the place where it belongs – but more of a factual one: leftists are incapable of governing.

left-wing is the modern representation of the Revolution. in other times they were called “traitors”, “troublemakers”, “criminals” and the like. these people have a purpose in body social: break the rules, create new paths, run away, be outrageous. what happens if these people get in the business of wielding state power?

well, what happened when they did get such power: mass murder, mass incarceration, bizarre social planning, busting of tribes, universalist moralism, and a host of other specifically modern phenomena.

when the left governs, then, there’s not anything that can be properly called “government” – a central force that tries to contain the decentralized forces under it – there’s merely very organized and expensive crime.

to get a better grasp, let’s take a look at the other side of the antinomy: the Absolute, which has been called “right-wing” in modern times. when the left governs, the people that are in fact capable of governing (right-wing people), are left in a very uncomfortable position for them: that of breaking the order they’re in.

a revolting right-wing is just as bizarre as a governing left-wing: a permanent Revolution is just as unsustainable as a struggling Absolute.

in time, the governing left is forced to take up some right-wing habits in order to stay in power: it creates a legitimating ideology, it organizes some sort of defensive structure, it thinks about organizations and institutions. the left in love with power remains “left-wing” only in its desire to constantly reform what it has created. the phenomena of heaps of legislation being enacted every year is very symptomatic.

the flip-side is more subtle and more problematic. a right-wing deprived of government starts taking up left-wing habits: wishing to overthrow the existing order, associating with popular politics, talking about majorities and rights of the people, creating mass movements and – in the worst cases – propping up riots and coups. Fascism and Nazism are the apex of a “popular right-wing”, a leftified right-wing. it remains right-wing merely to the extent that it still supports some kind of aristocratic morality: “there are some people better than others” (but it’s usually so upside-down that the better people are the struggling poor, not the rich plutocracy – those are left-wingers).

in time such political habits prove unsustainable. either the left sucks so hard at maintaining power that it eventually blows up the entire society with its idiotic policies, or the right gets so good at revolution that it produces its own coup and establishes a totalitarian government (“forced equality for all the superior equals of our tribe – death for everyone else, especially those leftists”). in both cases, the prospects are very dim.

the upshot being: we’re screwed.

currently, around the Western World, both tendencies are spiking up. Europe is probably going down the first path. having already trodden much of the second one some 80 years ago, it’s probably memetically vaccinated against right-wing populism. America (the US, more specifically) looks more inclined to the second path. The left failed miserably at failing in a proper catastrophic way in 2008 and its aftermath (or at least it invented a very good myth to get through the last 8 years), so now the enraged populace are interested in playing political chicken – the american dream is dead anyway, so why not a better nightmare?

the rest of the world in the periphery or outside the Western Empire are bound to watch these developments and then decide what to do. we’ll come back to that eventually.


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