criminal. traitor. madman.

I am a criminal. I set out to disrespect and disregard all sets of norms and morality. I set out to obey only my will and reason. I set out to look carefully into the eyes of the socius and spit on them. Manipulate every law and decree to my pleasure. Ignore all shouting and the voice of God. I side with Satan: rule in hell is better than slavery in heaven. And Prometheus, to face the wrath of gods to give lower humans fire. I side with Pandora, to open the box of woes and give hope where there should be none. I look into nature to understand it, merely to defy it. I constantly search for superior forms of corruption.
I am a traitor. I set out to break every allegiance: to father, brother, tribe and land. I set out alone. I set out with the scum of the earth. My pledge (to be broken) is with those rejected and wretched. Those worth of nothing. Lines in the sand mean nothing to me. Spooky spells of duty and right fall on my deaf ears. The good man despises me. The husband fears me. Judas is my guide, for Jesus’s holiness springs from his treason. Brutus is my hero, in his killing the tyrant. I am hated and transfigurate hatred into peace of mind. I constantly seek for exit and escape.
I am a madmen. I set out to see reality in the way it is not, and appears not. I set out to hallucinate the future and bend the past into forgetfulness. I see in colors and shapes. Utopia is my country, where I roam with Quixote in search of giants. Dali is a realist in my eyes. Where there is determination and strict knowledge I insert distortion and the unknown. From beyond the gates of the city I bring in rabid wolves desirous of human flesh. The rats in the cellar are my children, plagued with transmission of heresy. My world is that of Bosch in his garden. I constantly run after that sparkling light that escapes me forever.
I am a leftist.

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