Human Liberation

i used to write a blog before this.

mostly, in fact, i used to translate things in said blog. but sometimes i would write.

there i wrote things from the point of view of a three-way conjunction: libertarianism + direct action (anarchism) + humanism.

i have since repudiated humanism entirely, and driven my anarchic libertarian view towards a more realist/Darwinist stance. i could argue i have simply made my mutualism thicker, but that’s for another occasion.

nonetheless, i want to bring some of my old writing into focus here, and add the proper criticism to it.

i will be thus translating and adding new remarks and bits to my old posts. they will be archived in the “Human Liberation” header in the sidebar. i hope to bring forth through this a more profound comprehension of my own current view.

after that i shall goes into further depths of coldness…


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