neocameralism for agorists

in opposition to more “traditional” ancaps, agorists have no time to waste on transitions. they do commerce, legal or illegal, right here and right now. agorism is the NAP taken to its utmost consequences as a personal code of honor.

what, then, can neocameralism offer to agorists?

good governance. any commercial enterprise needs a sound theory of how to deal with its internal organization. if you’re doing things all alone, it’s a personal code of ethics. if you’re dealing with others, you have an organization. and if it’s an organization that intends autonomy, it is a sovereign corporation.

an agorist sovcorp would be essentially a nomad war machine: whatever other business it may have, it’s core activity is protecting itself. which may be ever harder, given it’s non-territorial nature (“we aren’t states anymore”). it’s internal organization is a strict contractarian hierarchy, with every member being on a contract that is to be enforced by the sovcorp itself, according to the rules established by the contracts. the ultimate option is exit.

this sovcorp primarily offers protection services. it’s clients may be anywhere in the world. essentially, it’s indistinguishable from a private army. this company may as well pay dividends on its profits, thus having shareholders.

if you’re an agorist, opening a sovcorp may be the best way to present competition to the state, and thus assure its downfall.


4 thoughts on “neocameralism for agorists

  1. “if you’re an agorist, opening a sovcorp may be the best way to present competition to the state, and thus assure its downfall.”

    The Sovcorp or the state?

    This post get’s to the heart of neocameralism. “protection services”. This was Moldbug’s key point of the model “security is very profitable.”

    One way of looking at USG is that it is the primary “protection service” in the world. However, it does tend to start the fire, then show up as the fireman.

    It is “dark” irony that Trump is now President (a former real estate mogul) since Moldbug essentially saw government as a “giant real estate enterprise” wedded to “protection services”. Trump takes a business approach to politics, for example with NATO he said that “the cut up, the spread, the cash” needs to be re-negotiated. Trump, with his New York accent (which somewhat reminds me of Tony Soprano) is asking for “protection money.”

    Moldbug sees “good governance” as essentially “good customer service” that is “formalised” with contracts. The opposite of that, is of course, the MAFIA.

    There is a scene in Goodfellas where Henry Hill says “fuck you pay me…..fuck you pay me.”

    In Casino, there is a line “what were they going to do? Muscle Nicky? Nicky was the muscle. If he won, he would collect. If he lost, he told them to go fuck themselves.”

    A pretty good description of modern government with tax, fractional reserve banking, bubbles, and financial speculation.

    I am not sure what a “neorection” from the left could mean.

    Maybe, if it means anything, it means that the current lifestyles of the left: “sex, drugs and rock n roll” must be formalised into a business.

    And guess what?

    Sex, drugs and rock n roll are all very profitable. Very tempting targets for gangsters.

    Leftists need something to outgang the gangsters.

    A shotgun wedding it is then?

    Please sign here……..


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