a (sensible) libertarian immigration policy

there has been a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth lately, from all camps, on immigration policy. from some quarters, even the slightest approval of aliens is a clear sign of racial treason and insecurity. from others, anything less than total open borders is a serious offence.

i’ll here outline a simple and mostly effective immigration policy that, as usual with simple and mostly effective policies, will be totally ignored:

  1. home buyers become citizens, since the nation belongs to proprietors.
  2. tenants, employees and invitees remain under supervision of their sponsors (landlords, employers or hosts), until they can afford the equivalency price of houses (and thus citizenship).
  3. tourists can come and go (nobody lives forever in a hotel), and eventually they will be pressed in section 1 or 2.

couple this with “only citizens vote”, and 90% of the problems go away immediately.


2 thoughts on “a (sensible) libertarian immigration policy

  1. Actually, living in a hotel used to be a thing. Two who did so are the drama critic George Jean Nathan and the novelist Vladimir Nabokov.

    Nearer the core of your thesis: what if a significant portion of the population decides to live in a polity of this sort, but not become citizens? You seem to envision everyone wanting to be a citizen, but some people just want a good place to live. Nick is perhaps an example.

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