how to make a plan

  1. chose a goal – aka “scope”. this is probably the most important step. you can’t make a plan if there isn’t an envisioned end state. if there can’t be, adopt some kind of heuristics, and not a plan. be specific about the end state as well. SMART objectives are smart. a little uncertainty is unavoidable, but you should be able to picture the end state with a mostly clear vision.
  2. survey resources – aka “budget”. you have to know which resources are available to you, whether immediately or virtually through mobilization. this is essentially a verification of your power. make a careful inventory.
  3. establish deadlines – aka “schedule”. when you have to get that goal finished? either receive it from the outside, or be sure to produce one from the inside. without a deadline, all plans are doomed to failure (you will postpone indefinitely, don’t fool yourself).

after these initial steps, you have to make a viability analysis, which boils down to posing yourself the question: can I reach my goal with my resources within the deadline? if the answer is “yes”, proceed. otherwise, either acquire more resources, buy more time or be more modest in the goals.

the rest of the plan is employing resources towards the goals, within a detailed schedule. it’s important to keep track of enemies (obstacles are enemies) and neutralize them before they hurt the plan. also, in the execution of the plan, heuristics may be necessary due to uncertainties (try not to abuse, or you will stray out of course, simply because the environment gives less then a fuck for your goals). do not use resources prematurely, not anymore than needed (even if replaceable): be prepared for eventualities. most importantly, try and stay ahead of eventualities. being able to foresee troubles to the plan is already bring the goals from the future. update your stats as you go, in order to know how far from the goal you are. you have planned a specific velocity, do not hush nor lag behind.

keep your blood reptile cold, don’t lose the goal from sight, even in face of great difficulties or obstacles. enemies smell and profit from your fear. the goal is your justification, stand by it.


what is to be done?

firstly: nothing. “doing” out of morality is already going against the current. let yourself flow.

secondly: commerce. good deals, saving money, finding opportunities for profit in productivity for a market. it is not idealism if it pays well.

thirdly: strategy. which means, survival. think ahead of those leeching on your resources. understand and predict their behaviors. be two (or more) steps ahead. triangulate. mostly avoid being a short-sighted idiot, which is already better then half the population of the earth.

fourthly: after you have eased yourself of worries, acquired currency in vast enough amounts to spare leisure and granted lifespan, play games. good games, hard games, long games, massive multiplayer online games (seriously). play games of consumption, of recording, of production. learn crafts and languages, dress well, eat exotic, sex often and good, experience. intelligence grows on stimuli and discrimination. games summarize all this.

.5: repeat. (which means replication, if not reproduction).