NRx is dead

leaving this here for the sake of documentation, but the conclusions still seem to hold.

(yes, i haven’t posted in a while, but it’s for a good reason, new exciting things are coming up for next year.)


17 thoughts on “NRx is dead

  1. NRx online is being corrupted. Moldbug described this once: Democratic/popular movements have to adopt crazy ideas (such as anit-semitism in Nazism) in order to attract more followers. This is happening to NRx as well- all the TradCon and ethno-nationalist garbage is merging with neocameralism as the ideas permeate more of society. Hestia Society is a great example- their conversations are all about God, race, etc. The intellectual analysis and historical knowledge of Moldbug is totally missing.

    When all your posts get comments about white nationalism and religion, why continue? NRx is out there; its ideas are seeping into popular consciousness; there are many of us who incorporated it into our minds. But the community of intellectual contrarians is not big enough to provide readers for all those blogs, and getting more readers requires popular appeal.

    I am not disappointed though. Moldbug accomplished his goal; his ideas are now there for those who come looking for them. When the next person with a vision comes along, the community will come back along with him.


  2. This has been addressed already. NRx died because the economic system is idiotic (if only it championed the American System instead of the Austrian retardation) and it doesn’t touch on the Jewish Question (identifying the enemies, road bockers).
    There’s also the Moldbugian idiocy of Fragile systems, a positive view of the future and technology as a whole (incredibly naive to the point of dumb), the downplayed role of Race (not that it wasn’t present or talked about, but it was below autistic machinations of systems) and finally:
    You simply didn’t put your face to punch in the crowds, you lacked soul.


      1. And you can have all that within an Aristocracy.
        “Populist” right now is just an envy buzzword for something you couldn’t ever manage out of incompetence.


  3. maybe everything that needs to be said has been said. no need to keep repeating ourselves. also a nation/world ruled by the likes of Google + Faceborg seems pretty unappealing to many people, so one can understand the unpopularity of techcom, versus ethno-trad.

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