what should the Left be?

a bigger, shinier, better written and more aesthetically interesting text is coming up on this topic, but here are the main characteristics of the Left in civilized modern societies (or at least the ones that it should have, were it not too busy governing):

– it aims at the destruction of western modern civilization. consciously or not. if it’s conscious it’s better and more effective at this. this is a specific case of the more general tendency of installments of the Revolution: destroy the socius.
– therefore, it aims at the destruction of order, hierarchy, peace, propriety and everything cherished by most of the moderns. if it pays lip service to these things, it’s merely to advance the cause of their destruction.
– it’s necessarily utopic, because it must always lose in the end. the dream world in which the Left attains all its goals is of course impossible (that’s why it wants that). if the Left wins, the Right is doing a lousy job (and society eventually ceases existing).
– its relations to Capital are ambiguous: the Left is interested in the most destructive and deterritorializing aspects of the market, and abhors the formal legal infrastrucure that allows for capital accumulation and reterritorialization.
– its methods are mostly focused on erasing lines and divides, creating confusion and disorder. from this method stems its insistence in equality and freedom.
– therefore it abhors morality and seeks being past, besides, outside, or at least above judgments of good and evil (utilitarianism is an attempt, but still has expediency judgments).

early (1960s and 1970s) radical feminism is probably the most developed blueprint of the Left at its height.


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